Get a hi-resoution book cover layout! This does not include a front cover design just the back and spine. Avoid have a blurry low-quality image for your paperback covers! You must provide your front cover if it wasn't already design by us. A Free bar code is included if you have your ISBN.


Details Needed:


  1. Front Cover Image or title if designed by us
  2. Back Cover Synopsis
  3. Author Photo (If Needed)
  4. ISBN (If you have it)
  5. Price (If you want this on the back cover)
  6. Any logos, website or other back cover text needed)
  7. Page Count 
  8. Book Printing Dimensions (6x9, 5.5x8.5, 5x8 etc.)


Please fill the information out in the notes section or email us the details to



Back and Spine