Our proofreading, editing and formatting packages are specifically designed to help you publish the highest quality version of your story possible. We have created affordable packages to fit all budgets. With over a decade of experience, we help fiction and non-fiction authors perfect their manuscript and publish books that their readers love. We'll navigate through the process with precision and care. 

Why professional editing is important

Believe it or not, editing is one of THE MOST neglected steps in the publishing process. With publishing becoming so easy, there is an increased anxiousness to release books that quality often takes a back seat. You have spent hours upon hours writing your novel and your readers deserve professionally edited books. Show them how much you appreciate their support and watch the five star reviews roll in. 

You can trust your work with us

We are confident in our work and we want you to feel just as confident in what we do. For first time customers, we offer a trial edit to show you why you should work with us. We'll edit the first 3 chapters or 15 pages of your book absolutely free! This comes with no obligation to hire us! 

our editing services


When you want to publish quick, have a tight budget or just need a final proof read.

1-Stage Process

Includes light revision with correction of typos & grammar. We will also trim sentences, remove repetition and improve word choice (if necessary).


You'll receive in-margin comments as well as a one page summary of our suggestions.

Though we will provide some general story improvement suggestions, this will not include any major content editing such as plotting, character motivation, story architecture, etc.

the Storyteller

When you want an all inclusive edit but you have a smaller budget.

2-Stage Process

Stage 1 is a full manuscript review. We will return your manuscript with an editorial review full of suggestions for rewrites, plot improvements or problems, story arc and structural analysis.

Step 2 is after your rewrites we'll do a comprehensive line edit and very clean and much improved manuscript with any additional suggestions for improvement.

This does not include an additional proofread.


When you are fully committed to complete edit and putting in the work to creating a masterpiece.

3-Stage Process

Includes everything from our 2-Step Storyteller Package.

Stage 3 includes a final round of proofreading to improve your rewritten or reworked sections, after you’ve had time to reflect on and incorporate our suggestions. We will also correct any remaining typos, errors, or inconsistencies. We will go through your manuscript with a fine tooth comb.


This is the process takes longer to complete but we guarantee the highest level of editing quality.

Starting at $125

for 40k words

Starting at $225

for 40k words

Starting at $350

for 40k words

How It Works

Fill out the form below with your details. We will send you a reply confirming that we can meet your deadline, and if not, the closest slot we have. If our availability works for you, you can then submit your trial chapters (new customers) or full manuscript (returning customers). First time customers are entitled to our trial edit that includes a full comprehensive edit of your first 15 pages with no obligations.


A Deposit of 50% will be due to begin working on the full manuscript. If/when you are ready to hire us, we will send over a contract and deposit invoice.


For new customers, If your reply to the trial edit comes after more than 2 business days, we can't guarantee your deadline date will still be available. To meet the proposed timeline it is very important to reply as soon as possible.

If you are not ready to begin editing following satisfaction with our trial, we suggest waiting until you are. We are only able to provide 1 trial edit per customer.

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