Mobile App Design

There's An App For That

There’s an app for that.” Imagine your clients uttering those five words the next time they need your immediate assistance. With the Mobile App Design package, that can be your reality. 

In a society where everyone is always on-the-go, creating a platform where you can share your expertise and creativity, instantaneously, makes the viable component. You can edge out your competitors by being available without having to service your audience physically. Creating a mobile app that makes you readily accessible nationwide is a paramount move for your brand.

Did you know that the average person checks their smartphone 100-120 times a day? Did you know that smartphone usage has become a common, involuntary behavior that we don’t even realize? Cellphones have become a third brain. It doubles as our calendar, computer, and notebook. So, whether you will be sending affirming words every morning, challenging your audience to better their creativity or teaching an Academy on your niche; a mobile app minimizes your stress and maximizes your reach. You can be at your clients’ fingertips whenever they need your assistance, even if it’s outside of your business hours. 

This innovative and vastly untapped platform will most certainly make you the face of your industry’s frontier. With the number of mobile consumers walking this earth, you have the means to gain clients from anywhere. Take your brand worldwide with a custom-designed mobile app that creates a way for jet setters and go-getters to have access to you.

When you invest in the Mobile App design package, you are casting your net out into the sea of untapped, unreachable audience members and future clients. You are creating an atmosphere that employs technology, modern-day innovation, and compatibility for all your customers to collate and collaborate with you without wearing you thin. 

The mobile app helps you be the creator of the “app for that.” Are you a social media maven who wants to teach other how to create posts that engage and ultimately monetize? Let’s create an app for that. Are you a writer who wants to share your process with your audience? Let’s create an app for that. Are you a teacher who wants to make study materials available to your students? Let’s create an app for that.

Still not sure if this package is for you?

Well let me tell you what's included...

  • iOS + Android + HTML5

  • iPad + Android Tablet


  • 1m Sessions / mo

  • 500k Push Notifications / mo

  • User Management

  • User Tagging

  • Advanced Analytics

  • RSS Based Push Notifications

  • GEO Fence Push Notifications

  • Plugin Access Settings

  • Control Panel Roles and Permissions

  • In App Purchases

Investment: Starting at $3,500 

Package Space Availability : 2 slots per month with a 50% Deposit due to secure your slot.

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