Branding + DIY Website Kit

The Key To Your Success

Most individuals believe that their success is contingent on dominating a particular social media platform. They spend hours on end researching, creating and planning to build a social media presence on just one of the many networks at their fingertips.  They never acknowledge that to garner the following and influence that converts to paying; not potential, clients is a relay won only by creatively appealing to the visual components of marketing.

Coordination is the key to solidifying your brand identity. Your brand represents you, and you aren’t seven individuals working together on a group project that is worth 50% of your success. Visually aligning your brand elements cut out the guess work. It tells who you are before you even open your mouth. A powerful brand presence is achieved by cohesively illustrating what your brand represents. 

Branding is more than a logo design and three colors that you decide to associate with your nuance. It’s bigger than the first six posts on your Instagram, the most liked post on your Facebook. Your business card, brand letterhead, and media kit are all equally conducive to the enhancement of your brand image. The consistency should span to any material bearing your name that changes from your hand to that of your client. When you cover all aspects, your brand will stand out. No matter where an inquirer may chance upon your name, they will know it’s you by distinctive elements specific only to your brand. When you create a visual identity, you define your visual marker, both online and off.

Every successful brand understands that graphic alignment across all areas aides in making their brand a competitor. They see that in a quantitative market, quality is the only precursor for success. It is impossible to be a winner when you are not a contender. Do you want to be in the race? Do you want to win the race? Do you want to set the standard? The magic is in the vision; the brand is the reality of that magic. Make your dreams a reality with a brand that is creatively, visually and exceptionally well-rounded.


This branding + web design kit propels your social media, traditional marketing, and web design, and classifies you as, not only a contender, but the leader of the pack

Still not sure if this package is for you?

Well let me tell you what's included...

  • A Custom Logo Vector Design with two variations and one sub mark. Logo 3D Mockup.

  • A Brand Board and Style Guide with Coordinating Brand Patterns, textures, fonts and colors

  • Print Ready Business Card Design (500 printed card included)

  • Stationery design for digital and print

  • Website/Blog template kit for the provider of your choice for DIY usage (Squarespace, Wordpress or wix)

  • Facebook Like Page, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest Design Kit for DIY usage (choice of 3 platforms)

  • Website Favicon Image

  • Social Media Post Backgrounds for one platform and Templates (5 variations Included)

  • Computer Screensaver, iPad or Tablet, and Mobile phone lock screen image and wallpaper consistent with your brand.

  • Media Kit Design and 1 custom workflow sheet design

  • Custom Email Signature Design

  • One Snapchat Geo Filter Design

  • Email Set Up If Needed

  • Custom Styled Stock photos to match your brand - 5 Included

Bonus: One Free Worksheet Printable of your choice consistent with your brand design (samples and descriptions are all available in our web store) : SEO Checklist, Hashtag Sheet for your business, Business Organization Information Sheet, Blog Worksheet, Content Planning Worksheet, Business Budget Sheet and Financial Planning, Social Media Tracker, Workflow Worksheet. (Worksheets = $35 Value)

Available Add-Ons:

+ Add-On Website Design - Includes A Fully Responsive Desktop and Website Design up to 7 pages. Tutorial to access your website tools and make updates when needed.

+ Add-On Mobile App Design and Set Up : Mobile App for iOS and Android with Plugins (See Mobile App Package for Inclusions)


Package Space Availability - 1 Slot Available Per Month with a 50% Deposit due to secure your slot.

Investment: Starting at $2,500 

(Before Add-Ons)
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