Launched in 2007, by National Best Selling and Award Winning Author Brittani Williams, TSPubCreative Graphic Design Studio (A subsidiary of Trendsetters Publications Inc.) has created countless designs. With over 3000 Book Covers designed to date, and many of them reaching best-seller lists, TSPubCreative has become the premier book cover design firm in the industry. With high quality and low pricing, self-published authors can now achieve the same fan base as many of their peers. At any given time you can find over forty of our designs on Amazon's Best-Sellers lists in multiple genres.


At TSPubCreative, we love working with companies that want high-quality web, print and logo identity, from the look and feel of your site, to the color palette that will be used across all mediums including, web, print, identity, and advertising.

The CEO, Brittani Williams, has over 11 years of training in Fashion Design and is a self-taught graphic designer. She is also the best-selling and award-winning published author of 9 novels with multiple publishing deals currently.

At Tspubcreative, we will create an identity for your company that your target market can identify with so they feel connected to your purpose in creating a better world.

We've worked with companies from Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Detroit, Kentucky, New York, Baltimore, Washington, Georgia, Chicago and more. From Promoters, Small Business Owners, Make Up Artists, Authors, Playwrights to Small Book Publishers, the list just goes on. We have provided a range of services for a wide spectrum of customers.

At TSPubCreative, we are familiar with what the consumer wants so we work well with our clients to build a brand that will serve their target market well and execute the desired advertising campaigns.


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